The CW Bringing Yet Another Stephen King Story To Screen Life

by Thomas Tuna

The CW has decided to jump on the full-speed-ahead Stephen King bandwagon by adapting one of the horror master’s lesser-known short stories to the small screen.

The short story–The Revelations of Becka Paulson–may seem like an odd choice for a one-hour TV show, if only because it has only appeared in print in a 1984 issue of Rolling Stone and in the 1991 collection I Shudder At Your Touch, as reported by Deadline.

Still and all, the story has already been adapted to television once before–as an episode of The Outer Limits in 1997–and was even squeezed in as a subplot in King’s novel The Tommyknockers.

The CW series–with the working title of Revelations–will be adapted by Maisie Culver (Last Man Standing), and seems to be vintage King and, as such, great grist for the network.

The show’s synopsis explains that, after the titular character accidentally shoots herself in the head with a nail gun, she is recruited by an “over-it Jesus” to be his “chosen one in stopping the apocalypse.” In order to save the world, she will have to “prove that our deeply backward planet Earth is redeemable–starting with her quirky Midwestern hometown.”

This scenario differs from King’s original story, though. The best-selling author’s short story has Paulson being shot in the head with a real gun and, after miraculously surviving, a picture of Jesus talks to her and tells her of her husband’s infidelity. She then plots her revenge against her cheating spouse.

Screenwriter Culver will act as executive producer, along with Katie Lovejoy and Warner Bros. Television.

King’s works have been hot commodities lately for screen adaptations, as reported here in Horror News Network. His latest collection of stories–If It Bleeds–recently was snapped up by several suitors, including Blumhouse, Ryan Murphy, Ben Stiller and Darren Aronofsky.

No details on the production schedule or casting for Revelations have yet been revealed, so keep reading Horror News Network for updates as they become available.

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