‘The Curse of La Llorona’ Weeps All the Way to Number One at Weekend Box Office

by Nick Banks

The Curse of La Llorona didn’t have any problem scaring the competition away at this weekend’s box office, finishing first with a estimated $26.5 million.

La Llorona acted as perfect counter-programming to the new family and religious based films that entered theaters this weekend such as Disney’s Penguins (which couldn’t even crack the top ten) and Breakthrough (which finished in third place with an estimated $10 million).  The debut performance for “The Weeping Woman” is somewhat similar to Pet Sematary’s opening frame earlier in the month (which also brought in close to $25 million), although the film wasn’t as well-liked by critics, with a Rotten Tomatoes score of 32% (vs Sematary’s 58%).  On the other hand, when compared to Sematary’s C+ grade from Cinemascore, audiences seemed to prefer La Llorona slighlty better (director Michael Chaves’ Curse received a grade B- from the same polling service).

In the long run, La Llorona has the potential to be more profitable than Sematary due to the much lower budget ($9 vs. $21 million)  and international box office returns from territories where the name “La Llorona” is an easily recognizable one (The Curse of La Llorana is loosely based on Mexican and Latin American folklore).

In less positive news, Hellboy almost dropped out of the top ten in only its second week of release.  Dark Horse Comic’s adaptation could only muster up a paltry $3.8 million, which constitutes a decline of nearly 70% from last weekend’s take.  Look for a quick exit for Hellboy next week, as the film not only  disappointed the studio and financial backers, but also the many fans of Mike Mignola’s comic series.  At this point in the year, Hellboy has to be considered the biggest critical and financial disappointment so far.

Next week will bring some major changes to theaters across the country as screens are cleared for the coming of what should prove to be the biggest box office smash of the year, Avengers End Game.  So if you have been waiting to catch up on any new releases over the past month or so, you may want to see these films before Thursday night when Thanos and the remaining Avengers destroy any semblance of balance at theater chains nationwide.

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