The 2013 Horror Comic Year-End Review

by Stephanie Shamblin Gray

by: Stephanie Shamblin Gray


As the end of 2013 approaches, it is a time to reflect on our lives and goals, but it is especially a time to reflect on all the horror news and entertainment of the year. Here is our year-end summary of some of the big stories that everyone in the horror community was talking about this year.


The End of Locke & Key


All good things come to an end whether we like it or not. Such is the case with the fantastic comic series Locke & Key. Beginning in February 2008 and finishing up in the last month of 2013, the series has continued to captivate its fans and bring to life the Locke family and the story of Keyhouse. An instant hit (the first book sold out the first day), comic shops everywhere quickly learned that they needed to order adequate stock of this amazing book and that Joe Hill was a horror-comic force to be reckoned with. I still remember driving 40 miles to buy the only copy of Welcome to Lovecraft #1 and seeing issues of it with $75 price tags a week later at a convention. Alas, Alpha #2, the final book in the series, has wrapped up the series in a tight little bow and given fans a fitting end to an already legendary series. 



Year of the Anthology


This has been an outstanding year for horror-comic anthologies. As sort of a niche within the niche of horror comics, we often find ourselves scratching to find enough of them to include in the Horror Comic Awards. This year, however, there were more great anthologies than we had room for on our list. Last year’s winner, London Horror Comics put out its best anthology yet this year. Riley Rossmo’s Dia de los Muertos was a huge hit with fans. Aaazurn Publishing released Indie Comics Horror and Tales of Fear this year. And of course, Eerie and Creepy are always solid bets. If you like your horror comic stories in small batches, this was a very good year for you!


Year of the Apocalypse


Everywhere you looked this year there was something capitalizing on the fictional world’s impending doom. Here an apocalypse, there an apocalypse, everywhere an apocalypse! While the horror crowd has always been fond of such things, it has now become mainstream. This year we added a couple of comedies, This is the End and The World’s End, as well as the previously mentioned and popular PG-13 apocalypse, World War Z. Max Brooks, author of the novel World War Z, got back on board with the comic The Extinction Parade. This continuation of a theme is likely due to the popularity of, you guessed it, The Walking Dead.  As more fans emerge hungry for desolation, creators and producers will continue to give it to them.



The Danger Zone


This year, Action Lab Entertainment announced the formation of their new mature readers imprint titled, Action Lab: Danger Zone. This imprint has a heavy, heavy focus on horror titles. The first of the books included The Final Plague, Ehm Theory, The Trip, and Night of the 80’s Undead. The Final Plague has been nominated for two Horror Comic Awards for Best Mini-Series and Best Scene. Hopefully sales will allow this brand to grow and continue to produce more award worthy material.



Horror Comic Awards


Like clockwork, the end of the year means the Horror Comic Awards. A big congratulations to all the nominees for their hard work and excellence in horror comics.


You can find a list of the winners here:



And that’s a wrap for 2013! From all of us here at and, we hope this past year has been as good to you as it was for us and we wish you all a very Happy New Year!

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