That’s A Wrap! Shooting Over For ‘The Toxic Avenger’ Remake

by Thomas Tuna

Break out the mops! The world’s creepiest janitor is back on the job.

Macon Blair–the filmmaker behind the Legendary Entertainment reboot of 1984’s The Toxic Avenger–officially declared the film good to go, saying production in Bulgaria has wrapped, as reported by Check out Blair’s tweet on this page.

No release date has yet been announced, but that key detail will, no doubt, be forthcoming.

Little is known about the storyline of the reboot, except that it is expected to be a contemporary reimagining of the original Troma Entertainment horror/super-hero cult hit, with Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz producing the flick.

What is known Is the impressive cast. Peter Dinklage will play Toxie, Kevin Bacon will be the dastardly bad guy, Jacob Tremblay will play Toxie’s son, Taylour Paige will handle the female lead, Jonny Coyne will play a “shadowy criminal figure” and Sarah Niles will portray a “corrupt city official”. Elijah Wood and Julia Davis will round out the ensemble in as-yet-undisclosed roles.

The reboot–written and directed by Blair–will again tell the sorry story of Winston, a janitor who tumbles into a vat of toxic waste and is transformed into “a monster who sets out to do good and to get back at the people who have wronged him.” The American dream.

The original movie–directed by Herz and Kaufman from a screenplay by Kaufman and Joe Ritter–was not a huge hit with critics or moviegoers (grossing just $800,000 on a budget of $500,000), but somehow became a cult classic that spawned three sequels, an animated children’s TV show and comic books.

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