That $#!% Will Rot Your Brain! needs Kickstarter help

"That $#!% Will Rot Your Brain!" is a feature length documentary and Kickstarter project with Tom Savini, David Selby, Billy Bob Thornton, Fred Dekker, Bob Burns and other major talents that review the history and analyze the rise of the Monster Kids (kids raised on classic horror films on TV and in theaters) who were inspired to become some of the world's most successful writers, artists, directors, actors, critics, make-up artists, special effects wizards and more. "That $#!% Will Rot Your Brain!" was the warning parents, teachers, and "adults" gave kids about what horror films would do to them if they watched too many of them. Ah, if they only knew! Producer/Writer/Director/Comic Book creator Robert Tinnell ("SURF NAZIS MUST DIE!" "FRANKENSTEIN AND ME." "THE BLACK FOREST." "FLESH AND BLOOD.") has brought together some of today's top "Monster Kids" to explain how it all started and how the classic horror revolution changed Pop Culture and thus influenced every person in small and large ways across the planet. Fund this Kickstarter project. The film's creators have one goal: to tell the story of the original Monster Kids. This film is a way to inspire new generations of Monster Kids to seek out classic horror stories and gain the inspiration necessary to fire off their own imaginations and create tomorrow's next classic horror stories in new and emerging media. With YOUR help on Kickstarter this story can be preserved and told. "That $#!% Will Rot Your Brain!" is a non-profit production. All proceeds from its take are going to a Children’s Hospital fund and Scholarships for Film and Special Effects Students so that new generations of kids can make Monsters. 

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