Terminator Genisys Guardian Statue Coming in January

by Rob Caprilozzi

Arnold Schwarzenegger makes his triumphant return to the Terminator franchise in Terminator Genisys and what better way to celebrate than to pick up this Guardian statue. The battle-damaged 1:4 scale Terminator Genisys Guardian statue portrays Sarah Connor’s Guardian from the Terminator franchise. The Guardian is set on the same size base as the 1:4 scale Endoskeleton in order to show off the similarities and size proportions between the two products. The bases are not identical. The Guardian comes with two interchangeable hands and sports a cloth jacket. The first hand is equipped with a rifle that he uses in the film. The second hand features the magnetic rings he uses to fight the T-3000 at the end of the film. The statue measures 22-inches tall including base x 16-inches long x 9-inches wide.


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