Ten Things You Might Not Know About … The Lost Boys!

by William Burns

1. David (Kiefer Sutherland) is impaled on a pair of antlers and doesn’t disintegrate like the other vampires. Despite what Max later says, he is not really dead. This was             intended to be picked up in the sequel, “The Lost Girls”, which was scripted but never made

2. After Richard Donner passed on directing, Mary Lambert was brought in but left due to “creative differences.”

3. Keenan Wynn and John Carradine were both original choices for Grandpa. Wynn died right before filming and Carradine was too ill.

4. This was Corey Haim and Corey Feldman’s first film together, which marked the start of a popular 80s trend “The Two Corey’s” in which Corey Feldman and Corey Haim         starred together in a number of teenage films.

5. Characters in the movie say the name ‘Michael’ 118 times.

6. The names of the Frog brothers, Edgar and Alan, are a reference to Edgar Allan Poe

7. The original screenplay was about a bunch of “Goonie-type 5th-6th grade kid vampires”, with the Frog Brothers being “chubby 8 year old cub scouts”

8. The title of the film is a reference to the companions of Peter Pan, who remained forever young.

9. The merry-go-round sequence foreshadows the order in which the Lost Boys die. Marko dies first, Paul second, Dwayne third and David last.

10. Executive producer Richard Donner originally intended to direct the movie himself, but as production languished, he moved onto Lethal Weapon and eventually hired Joel        Schumacher for the job


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