Ten Things You Might Not Know About … The Conjuring!

by William Burns


1.  The real Bathsheba Sherman was suspected of witchcraft and of killing an infant child, but her name was legally cleared after being found not guilty by a court of      law. She died of natural causes in 1885, not by hanging as the movie portrays. She is buried in Harrisville, RI.

2.  In the end of the movie when Lorraine Warren gets off the phone and talks to Ed Warren, she says that the priest wants to discuss a case in Long Island. That      case is the Amityville case which was the basis for The Amityville Horror.

3.  The real Lorraine Warren plays the elderly woman in the front row of the classroom when Carolyn is listening to the Warrens’ presentation.

4.   Lili Taylor researched The Exorcist to prepare for her role.

5.   A movie based on the Perron family house has been in the works for over 20 years. It first surfaced when Ed Warren played a tape of his interview with Carolyn Perron to a movie producer.

6.   Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga both traveled to Connecticut to meet with Lorraine Warren prior to filming.

7.   Ed Warren and Lorraine Warren investigated the Perrons’ Rhode Island farmhouse in 1973 and 1974.

8.   The real Annabelle doll was a rag doll not a broken porcelain doll as the movie depicts.

9.    Lorraine Warren and Andrea Perron served as consultants to director James Wan and the screenwriters. They both claim the movie is accurate to the real story of what happened to the Perrons during the 10 years they lived in the farm house.

10. Eight generations of families lived and died in the house before the Perrons moved in. Andrea Perron suggests that some of the spirits are from the families who never left. Deaths include two documented suicides, a poisoning death, the rape and murder of an 11-year old girl, two drownings, and the passing of four men who froze to death.

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