Ten Things You Might Not Know About … Sinister!

by William Burns

10. Ethan Hawke had never seen the super 8 snuff films prior to the date of filming Sinister. When the scene where his character watches the snuff films was ready to be recorded, the soundtrack was matched up with the films and Hawke played out his role. His reactions to the films were recorded for Sinister and used in the final film

9. Ethan Hawke’s character got his name (Ellison Oswalt) from writer Harlan Ellison and comedian/writer Patton Oswalt.

8. The makers of Sinister scoured the Internet for weeks looking for the most obscure and creepy soundtrack they could find. While Christopher Young composed a large number of the background score for the movie, director C. Robert Cargill bought the rights to music by Ulver, JudgeHydrogen and Boards of Canada to use in the snuff film clips because of their mysterious and eerie noises.

7. The snake that is seen in the movie is a King snake. You can identify it as the non-venomous snake by doing the rhyme, “Red on yellow, dangerous fellow. Red on black, friend of Jack.”

6. The name ‘Bughuul’ translates back to ‘Boogeyman’.

5.According to director C. Robert Cargill, Bughuul “Mr. Boogie” was originally intended to look more like Willy Wonka (the version played by Johnny Depp). After going over this idea, it was decided that the deity looking like Willy Wonka would be “too silly for the film and not scary or mysterious enough”. Finally a photo was found on Google Images that Cargill bought the rights to, and this was the basis for the final Bughuul as seen in the finished film

4. The scenes showing the super-8 home videos were filmed on a real super-8 film camera to capture the grainy, nostalgic effect of old movies

3. C. Robert Cargill got the idea for the script from a nightmare he had after watching The Ring

2. The ‘Pool Party ’66’ snuff film in Sinister was extremely difficult to film. The actors/actresses who played the doomed family were tied down to lawn chairs and pulled underwater in reality, and the filmmakers had to be extremely careful that nobody was harmed while filming the scene took place. Further complications occurred while filming the killer underwater; Nicholas King (Bughuul) had to wear weights and stay underwater for several seconds while he was filmed. Since the scene was filmed entirely on super 8 film, care had to be taken to ensure that the camera was properly rolling and that the cartridge and light meter were working, otherwise the scene would have to be re-shot numerous times.

1. The character “Deputy So & So” was never given a real name in this movie. In the credits he is just listed as “Deputy”


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