Ten Things You Might Not Know About … Silver Bullet!

by William Burns
10. The bar that the mob gathers in before searching for the werewolf is called “Owen’s Bar”. Stephen King has a son named Owen.
9.  Early drafts of the film’s script, including the pressbook release, stated that the werewolf speaks. In the actual film itself, the werewolf does not speak at any      time.
8.  Don Coscarelli was scheduled to direct but left over creative differences with Dino De Laurentiis.
7.  Complete construction of the werewolf costume took three months. After finalization of the shape and design, using three-dimensional clay heads, the entire costume was made of foam and polyurethane and was covered with actual bear hair. The head of the costume was mechanically operated by six people from a distance of up to thirty feet away.
6.  This was Daniel Attias’s first (and only) feature film he directed. 
5.  The werewolf dream sequence utilized a total of seventy extras that were divided up into four groups with various levels of make-up and costume. These ranged from approximately ten principal actors used for close-ups and action shots, having the most refined looks, while the remainders were just made to appear menacing and fill up the rest of the church to give it a full house appearance
4.  Gary Busey performed all his own stunts for the film.
3.  According director Daniel Attias, Gary Busey ad libbed a great deal, for instance when Uncle Red is in the gun shop. Attias checked with Stephen King, who said OK for these ad libs to be included.
2.  Producer Dino De Laurentiis was very unhappy with the werewolf used in the film. He was disappointed in both the way it looked and the way the costumed actor moved. This proved to be a bit of an insult to the actor wearing the suit as he was an accomplished modern dancer and was hired specifically for his movement skills.
1.  Shooting started without a proper werewolf suit.

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