Ten Things You Might Not Know About … Rosemary’s Baby!

by William Burns

1.  Rosemary’s baby was born on June 6, 1966 (6/66)

2.  Mia Farrow actually ate raw liver for a scene in the movie.

3.  There is a popular rumor that Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey gave technical advice and portrayed Satan in the impregnation scene. This is false – LaVey          had no involvement with the film.

4.  The devil costume that was worn in the impregnation scene was later re-used in the film Asylum of Satan.

5.   Mia Farrow does the vocals on the title-sequence lullaby

6.   Producer William Castle wanted to display a grotesque demon baby at the end of the film when Mia Farrow looks at her child but Roman Polanski vetoed the             idea in lieu of a more ambiguous scene.

7.   According to Mia Farrow, the scenes where Rosemary walks in front of traffic were spontaneous and genuine. Roman Polanski told her that “nobody will hit a           pregnant woman.”

8.   Mia Farrow received divorce papers from then-husband Frank Sinatra on the set of Rosemary’s Baby.

9.   Mia Farrow went on to play the nanny to Damien in the 2006 remake of The Omen. The film was released to coincide with the date 06/06/06

10.  John Lennon lived (and in 1980 was murdered) in the Manhattan apartment building called The Dakota where Rosemary’s Baby was filmed.


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