Ten Things You Might Not Know about … Prince of Darkness!

by William Burns

10. Several scenes were shot at the University of Southern California, where  John Carpenter attended as a film student.

9. The scene where Wyndham is stabbed by the bag-lady at the back of the church is inspired by a similar stabbing scene in the Terence Fisher movie Curse of the Werewolf.

8. John Carpenter’s first film that he made independently since Escape from New York

7. The audio of the “broadcasts” that Brian receives in his dreams was sampled by Marilyn Manson in the song “Down In The Park” originally performed by Gary Numan.  It is     also sampled on DJ Shadow’s album ‘Endtroducing…’

6. Peter Jason hurt his shoulder in the scene where he and Jameson Parker try to break the front doors of the church down to escape. He claims that the pain still flares up to     this day.

5. Screenwriter John Carpenter is credited as “Martin Quatermass.”.The pseudonym is a homage to Professor Bernard Quatermass, the lead character of The Quatermass         Experiment  and several subsequent TV series and film versions.

4. The character Wyndham is named after science-fiction author John Wyndham and Anne Howard’s character is named after the star of The Wasp Woman, Susan Cabot.

3. In the scene where Brian and Catherine are in bed in the morning, Brian says to her, “Who was he, the one that gave you such a high opinion of men?” This is a fairly well     known quote from To Have and Have Not.

2. The recurring dream was shot on video and filmed off of a television screen.

1. Alice Cooper used the bike impalement trick in his stage shows prior to this movie. The bike he uses was his own personal prop.


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