Ten Things You Might Not Know About … Motel Hell!

by William Burns

10. DJ Wolfman Jack plays evangelist preacher Reverend Billy

9.  A distinctive and famous production still from the film, an image of a bloodied pig-headed character with a chainsaw, made the cover of “Fangoria” magazine.

8. The ranch house of the Sable Ranch in Santa Clarita, California acted as the Motel Office whilst a nearby stables doubled for the Motel itself.

7. Interiors of the motel, farm, and smokehouse were filmed on constructed sets at Laird International Studios in Culver City, California. The majority of exteriors and               location filming for this picture were shot in Northern California in Canyon County.

6. Harry Dean Stanton was originally approached to play Farmer Vincent, but turned said offer down.

5. The movie’s original screenplay was originally a darker more disturbing piece with bestiality, a lot more violence and was not a black comedy.

4. Tobe Hooper was originally going to direct this movie for Universal Studios, but when the studio balked at the bizarre project, Hooper also departed.

3. The dueling chainsaws was an idea which was conceived during late in production and was not in the original movie script.

2. Whilst applying for the job as director, Kevin Connor showed the Jaffe Brothers his first film, the horror movie From Beyond the Grave, and after this got to see the script     for “Motel Hell”.

1. The movie was notable for its title’s play on words of the traditional “Motel Hello” sign. In the film, a red neon lit “Motel Hello” sign is seen, then having the letter “O”             flicker and fade-out, to form the film’s “Motel Hell” title.


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