Ten Things You Might Not Know About … Maniac!

by William Burns

10.  A 1979 post-production ad for Variety magazine stated some of the cast as including Daria Nicolodi, Susan Tyrrell and Jason Miller. None of these actors are in the film.

9.    According to director William Lustig, Italian horror director Dario Argento was supposed to be involved as co-producer

8.    Lustig’s original request for the music was to have Goblin score the movie before Jay Chattaway got the job.

7.    The opening scene on the beach was inspired by the opening scene from Jaws from the point-of-view of the stalking shark.

6.    The dummy used for the exploding head scene had been used extensively by Tom Savini for effects in Dawn of the Dead

5.    The original budget of the movie was $48,000 in cash, $6,000 of which came from Joe Spinell. The money was part of his $10,000 salary from the movie Cruising that          he recently completed before filming began.

4.   Gene Siskel was so disgusted by the infamous “shotgun head explosion” scene that he walked out of the movie

3.   The headless corpse in the end is the Betsy Palmer corpse (Jason’s mother) from Friday the 13th

2.   Because they would only have one chance to film the scene where Tom Savini’s character gets shot, Savini decided that he should be the one to pull the trigger. He said      it felt a little weird shooting the dummy he had created of himself in the face.

1.   The film served as an inspiration for the hit song “Maniac”, written by Michael Sembello and Dennis Matkosky. The original lyrics described a serial killer who would “kill       your cat and nail him to the door”. The lyrics were ultimately changed to tell the story of a small town girl dancing like she’s never danced before, and the song was             used in Flashdance


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