Ten Things You Might Not Know About … Last House on the Left!

by William Burns

10. Director Wes Craven’s son plays the little boy who has his balloon popped by Krug Stillo’s cigar.

9. Producer Sean S. Cunningham’s station wagon is used when Lucy Grantham and Sandra Peabody are driving in the beginning

8. Two future Friday the 13th directors worked on this film: Sean S. Cunningham and Steve Miner

7. The house the Collingwoods live in was owned by producer Sean S. Cunningham’s parents

6. According to director Wes Craven, the crew set up a special editing office to restore prints returned from cinemas because “every one would come back chopped up by theater owners”

5. In the 1980s, the American video versions contained additional text after the film had ended, reading: “Coming soon to a theatre near you. From the producers of Last House On The Left, and the director of Friday the 13th Part V, … The Last House On The Left, Part II. You won’t believe your eyes!” No sequel ever materialized

4. When distribution companies Hallmark and Atlas International released the movie in Germany, they attempted to pass it off as an actual “snuff” film (a real murder staged for the camera)

3. Wes Craven later used the name “Krug” in A Nightmare on Elm Street for the film’s villain, “Freddy KRUEGer.” In both films the name is used for murderers who prey on teens

2. According to various cast and crew members, actress Sandra Peabody was genuinely terrified throughout most of the shoot, at one point walking off-set

1. When Wes Craven took this film to the MPAA, they slapped it with an “X” rating. Wanting an R for wider release, Craven went back and removed ten minutes of footage. However, this still wasn’t enough and the film still got an “X” rating. Once again Craven removed footage, this time taking out 20 minutes. It still wasn’t enough. Finally, Craven put all of the original footage back in, got an authentic “RATED R” seal of approval from the film board from a friend of his, put it on the film and released it.

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