Ten Things You Might Not Know about … Horror of Dracula!

by William Burns

10. The first time that Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee are top-billed in any feature film

9. In one scene, Mina exits her bedroom after having been seduced and bitten by Dracula, with a very satisfied and seductive smile on her face. Director Terence Fisher, after     a few botched takes, reportedly told actress Melissa Stribling: “Just imagine you’ve had the best sex of your life, all night long!” Providing exactly the right motivation, they       then proceeded to wrap the scene on the first take

8. On several occasions, Christopher Lee complained about the contact lenses he had to wear for the shock scenes. Not only they were quite painful, but he could not see a         thing.

7. In the United States, the title was changed from “Dracula” to “Horror of Dracula” to avoid confusion with the classic 1931 version

6.  In 2011, an extended print, including a longer version of the disintegration sequence, was discovered at the National Film Center in Tokyo.

5. While shooting the scene in which Dracula buries Mina, Christopher Lee fell into the hole in the ground on top of the stunt woman.

4. The cape worn by Christopher Lee was discovered in 2007 in a London costume shop during its annual inventory-taking. It had been missing for 30 years, and is believed       to be worth around $50,000

3. Christopher Lee has only thirteen lines in this film

2. Peter Cushing doesn’t appear until 25 minutes into the film

1. Christopher Lee only received £750 for his portrayal of Dracula.


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