Ten Things You Might Not Know About … Friday the 13th: Part III!

by William Burns


10. There were two alternate endings to this movie that were actually shot. One had Chris doing the same thing to kill Jason, except Ali barely survives (he dies in the used           ending), both of them escape, and Jason walks away–or the viewer assumes so–because when the police arrive, Jason’s body isn’t there. The other ending had Chris kill       Jason, then go out in the canoe and fall asleep. In her dream, Jason decapitates her with a machete.

9. Several deaths in the film had to be cut to avoid an X rating from the MPAA: Andy’s death, which showed his leg being cut off and his stomach     being ripped open;             Vera’s death for too much gore and looking too real; Enda’s death was cut because of excessive blood flow; Chili’s impalement was cut because of a shot showing                 steaming blood hitting the floor; Debbie’s death scene was also cut, which originally showed blood running down her chest and splattering on her face.

8. Larry Zerner was cast as Shelly in this movie when the producers spotted him handing out fliers for a horror movie and asked him if he’d want to star in one himself.

7. Although it appears sunny and warm, the film was shot during a January/February winter. Several night scenes were trimmed in order to conceal the actors’ visible breath     appearing on screen.

6. Former English trapeze artist Richard Brooker was chosen to play Jason simply because Steve Miner needed a big man for the role

5. This is the third Friday the 13th film where Jason starts off with no mask. .

4. To prevent the film’s plot being leaked, the production used the fake title “Crystal Japan,” after a David Bowie song. This began an on-again, off-again tradition of giving        “Friday the 13th” films David Bowie song titles during filming.

3. Actually takes place the day after the events of Part 2, making it Saturday the 14th.

2. The film was released on a Friday the 13th

1. This was the first of the Friday the 13th films to use the hockey mask, which has been in every sequel since.

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