Ten Things You Might Not Know about … Dawn of the Dead!

by William Burns

1.  Dawn of the Dead originally ended with Peter shooting himself in the head and Fran committing suicide by sticking her head up into the blades of the copter.          Romero decided that this conclusion would be too depressing and gave Peter and Fran a little bit of hope.

2.  Extras who appeared in the film were given $20 in cash, a box lunch, and a Dawn of the Dead T-shirt.

3.  Real cow intestines were used in the scene where a biker gets his guts ripped out.

4.  The two zombie children who attack Peter in the airport house are played by Donna Savini and Mike Savini, the real-life niece and nephew of Tom Savini.

5.  Gaylen Ross refused to scream during the film. She felt that Fran was a strong female character, and if she screamed, the strength would be lost. She told this        to George Romero once, when he told her to scream.  He never asked her again.

6.  Filming at the mall began around 10 p.m., shortly after the mall closed, and finished at 6 a.m. The mall didn’t open until 9, but at 6 the Muzak came on and no          one knew how to turn it off.

7.  In addition to the lead biker Blades, Tom Savini plays the zombie who breaks the window of the truck and is shot by Roger with a revolver.

8.  Tom Savini was unhappy with how the blood mix photographed as he felt it looked fluorescent. George Romero felt it was perfect for the film’s comic book            style.

9.  Several members of the biker gang were played by real members of the local chapter of the Pagans Motorcycle Club.

10. George Romero’s favorite film in the “Dead” series.


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