Ten Things You Might Not Know About … Creepshow!

by William Burns

1. Joe Hill (Stephen King’s son) plays the young boy featured in the beginning of the film.

2. Stephen King was told to play the character Jordy Verrill like Wile E. Coyote.

3. The CREEPSHOW  comic book featured in the film was drawn and inked by Jack Kamen, one of the artists for the original E.C. horror comics of the 1950’s.             Originally, Stephen King wanted Graham Ingels (another EC artist) to do the artwork for the film’s poster, but he refused.

4. If the film’s final story “They’re Creeping Up On You!” had proven to be too difficult and ambitious to film, it would have been substituted with the King short         story “The Hitch-Hiker,” which ended up being the final story of the film’s sequel Creepshow 2.

5. The wrestling match Jordy Verrill is watching on TV is between WWF Champion Bob Backlund and The Samoan No. 1.

6. Director George Romero went on to adapt Stephen King’s novel The Dark Half.

7. A sign leading to “Castle Rock” (Stephen King’s fictitious town) appears at the very end of the segment “The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill.”

8. Rice Krispies were used as maggots on the corpse’s eyes in the story “Father’s Day.”

9. The on-set nickname for the monster in the crate in the fourth story was “Fluffy.”  The creature’s creator (and makeup artist on the entire film) Tom Savini was       the shorter garbage man featured at the end of the film.

10. Stephen King carried a figure of the character Greedo from Star Wars on the Creepshow set for good luck


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