Ten Things You Might Not Know About … Christine!

by William Burns

1. Scott Baio was considered to play Arnie Cunningham and Brooke Shields was considered for Leigh Cabot.

2. Keith Gordon pretended the car was a woman, so wherever he touched the car, he imagined which part of a woman the car was.

3. When Christine hunts down the members of Buddy Repperton’s gang, her windows are blacked out. This is to give Christine a “sinister” appearance, but also to conceal the     stunt driver.

4. Kevin Bacon was offered the lead role but ended up choosing Footloose instead.

5. Stephen King was so popular at the time that the film went into production before the book was even published.

6. Christine is said to be a 1958 Plymouth Fury, but a combination of ’57 and ’58 models were used in the film.

7. There were 14 Furies smashed in the making of the movie. Furies are very rare and are now collector’s items and Plymouth enthusiasts were infuriated that so many were     destroyed.

8. To simulate the car regenerating itself, hydraulic pumps were installed on the inside of the Plymouth Fury “stunt doubles”, a mock-up in plastic that was bent and                   deformed. These pumps were attached to cables, which were in turn attached to the cars’ bodywork and when they compressed, they would “suck” the paneling inwards.       Footage of the inward crumpling body was then reversed, giving the appearance of the car spontaneously retaking form.

9. Keith Gordon had trouble with Christine’s TorqueFlite automatic transmission control.

10. The movie technically didn’t have enough violence to justify an “R” rating, and the producers were afraid that if the movie went out with a PG rating nobody would go to          see it. The producers purposely inserted curse words in order to get an “R” rating.


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