Teleglitch: Die More Edition Trailer Revealed

by Rob Caprilozzi

A trailer for Teleglitch: Die More Edition has been revealed. Below is the trailer and official press release.

Paradox Interactive, a publisher of games and a liker of rogues, today announced a partnership with indie developer T3P to bring out an extended version of survival-horror action game Teleglitch entitled Teleglitch: Die More Edition. Teleglitch, a roguelike top-down shooter that traps players in a military research station in the middle of a catastrophe, features procedurally generated levels, craftable and combinable weapons, and the constant risk of permanent death. A game of Teleglitch carries the constant dread of the unknown, where players never know what’s around the next corner, or whether it will be the last thing they ever see. Teleglitch: Die More Edition is scheduled to launch on major digital distribution platforms for PC, Mac, and Linux for $12.99 this summer.

Existing Teleglitch customers will also get upgraded to the “Die More Edition” for free.

In a dystopic future ruled by sinister mega-corporations, an inhospitable planet at the edge of space houses a research station for Military Technology Incorporated, specializing in ‘necrotic tissue reactivation and nonhuman combatants.’ A massive disaster has wiped out the entire staff, save for one surviving scientist, now surrounded by robots, clones, and the reanimated corpses of his colleagues. The entire planet has been quarantined, nobody is coming to help, and the only escape option is at the other end of the facility. Well… survival is not for everyone.

The Die More Edition also includes new branching bonus levels, such as the Robotic Hardware Assembly, the Damage Statistics Department, and Unstable Product Reconfiguration. Players will have access to new items and weapons in order to survive, plus new story content above and beyond those included in the original indie hit – along with smarter, deadlier enemy AI to prevent players from ever seeing it.

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