Teaser Trailer Released for After Birth

by Rob Caprilozzi

Those who think they know what to expect from a low budget horror movie are re-thinking their perception after the latest endeavor from producer/actress Leesa Rowland and writer/director Tara Robinson. The duo is testing the very limits of genre filmmaking as it's known in "After Birth," a movie that promises to offend, disturb, and disgust even the avid horror fan with its antagonizing supernatural twist to social issues like homelessness, drug abuse, and abortion.

"After Birth" is set for release in February of 2013.

Synopsis: When the beautiful Bethany finds herself homeless, she takes up residence in an old, condemned building, not knowing it's already occupied by an evil beyond her worst nightmare that wastes no time in impregnating her. But the violent birth she endures is just the beginning of the gruesome battle she must fight against the hungry newborn with a taste for human flesh. 

Check out the Teaser Trailer Released for After Birth.

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