‘Talk to Me’ at SDCC

by Stephanie Shamblin Gray

Talk to Me has arrived at SDCC with a panel and screening for the film. YouTube creators Danny and Michael Philippou of RackaRacka have been making a name for themselves in the horror community as they have jumped from content creation to film-making. At the panel, the brothers let us know that they did not intend to be YouTubers, but that they had always wanted to make films. They also made the point that they believed if filmmakers had previously had this option to start and learn while making videos that they would have. These two men have so much energy and they bring it to everything they do. Horror News Network caught up with them to hear about the move from content creation to film, the physicality they are known for, inspirations, and what’s next for the duo.



All photo credit to Brian Gray for Horror News Network.

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