Taking Eden Review

by Rob Caprilozzi

by: Mike Peluso

Writer: Jason Beckwith, Malcom Johnson
Artist: Nino Harn Cajayon
Publisher: Never Static Pictures
Release Date: October 2012

Synopsis: Marnie is a naive small town country girl lost in the big city club scene. She worked two summers at the local Frosty Cream to save enough money to move to the big city to follow her acting dreams. Staying with her cousin Jasmine, a gothic DJ, she becomes an unwitting part of a unique drug culture. Sky, the owner of multiple night clubs, along with his minions, David & Crystal, will stop at nothing to keep a steady stream of product moving to his high profile clientele. When Marnie crosses paths with Sky, will she be able to resist his charm and the excitement of a lifestyle she never imagined? Will she even want to?

Our Thoughts: There is a lot to appreciate from the first four issues of Taking Eden. Creativity radiates off of every page throughout this series. Jason Beckwith and Malcom Johnson bring us a classic tale of “small town girl with big city dream of being a famous starlet.” Things, of course, don’t go as planned. But here is where the tale goes from repeatedly recycled to one of a kind. The combination of a supernatural drug addiction, gothic club scene and the practice of ancient sorcery make Taking Eden a tale that seems fresh and original.

Nino Harn Cajayon’s artistry blends well with the dark, malevolent feel of Jason’s writing. So what’s wrong with this one of a kind tale? Is there such thing of being too original? I feel… yes. Taking Eden tries to be too different. At times the recipe Beckwith cooks with these ingredients taste natural and exotic, while other times overcooked. I myself am all about originality. The respect I have for people who express natural creativity without fear of rejection cannot be measured. It’s just sometimes I feel you can tweak a recipe that’s proven to be delicious, with just enough unique ingredients to call it your own.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed reading Taking Eden #1-4. I think Jason Beckwith and Nino Cajyayon have the gift for storytelling. I hope Beckwith never gives up his passion for the comic book industry and that I have the opportunity to read more of his stuff in the future.

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