2016 Horror News Network 6-6-6 Halloween Watchathon!

Every October,  horror fans across the country use our spookiest month as an excuse to binge watch as many horror films as possible. Some hardcore enthusiasts even make a list of 31 movies and stick to watching one per every day of the month. But what’s out there for the veteran who doesn’t have the time for 31 movies, or the casual fan who wants to expand his or her horror horizons? Presenting… the Horror News Network 6-6-6 Halloween Watchathon!

Here are six different movies from six different decades to watch in the final six days leading up to Halloween. It is an eclectic mix of anything from light and silly content to some of the finest films ever produced. Together, they create a well-rounded experience for anyone ranging from horror newbie to horror aficionado! read more

Here’s What Worked in Fox’s The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do The Time Warp Again!

If you want to know all of the things that are wrong with Fox’s The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do The Time Warp Again!, there are literally dozens of reviews out there that dig into all of the gory details. But I’ve complained enough about television shows this week, so I thought I’d try to be a little positive. After reading some of the early negative reviews and before watching the show for myself, I was tempted to post an article entitled, “Here’s What Worked in Fox’s The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do The Time Warp Again!,” and then leave the article completely blank with my signature on the bottom! However, I’ve got to admit that there were a few things that I found to range from satisfactory to good. Here they are: read more

The Rocky Horror Snickers Show: The Future Of Advertising On Television

In 2013, the Chinese version of Iron Man 3 included a ridiculous scene which asked viewers the ultimate question: “What does Iron Man rely on to revitalize his energy?” The answer, of course, is Yili’s Gu Li Duo milk drink! At the time, many felt that this kind of thing was a cultural difference which would never make its way into American media. While we’ve been comfortable for a while with Sony electronics products littering the backgrounds of Sony movies and brand logos plastered throughout the scenery of our films and shows, there’s been a general consensus that, in America, Iron Man should only be drinking milk when the nuance of the storytelling calls for it. A recent report, however, shows that things may be changing. read more