Stephen King’s I AM THE DOORWAY in pre-production



Adapted from the short story by Stephen King


A brand new short adaptation of Stephen King’s chilling original story, from an award winning team.

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I Am The Doorway is now in pre-production and you are invited to become part of this incredible project!

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After a journey to investigate desolate Pluto, astronaut Arthur returns home a shattered man. He sees eyes forcing their way through the skin of his hands, eyes that distort his friends and the landscape itself into monstrous visions. Believing himself the doorway to alien invasion and gruesome murder, he must take desperate action. “I Am The Doorway,” a shocking science-fiction/horror short, is based on the chilling Stephen King story and fully authorized by the author. It has been adapted by Jeffrey Stackhouse, Richard A. Becker & Wendy Lashbrook, a multi-award-winning screenwriting team based in the US, with an encyclopaedic knowledge of all things horror. read more