Horror Hunting! For the Week of June 23rd

    Welcome back to Horror Hunting!, for this final full week of June.  In this edition we’re featuring a special limited-
edition throwback shirt set from a ’90s era HBO classic series, as well as a little something for you horror/wrestling fanatics from
the Spawn master.   Can’t go wrong with that killer line-up!

“We have such sights to show you!” – Pinhead

Tales From The Crypt shirt set (Limited Edition) – Fright-Rags

As were most blood-thirsty fiends, I was a huge fan of the HBO original horror series “Tales From The Crypt.”  The Cryptkeeper, the
spooky storylines, dark humor….it all added up to a brilliant show that kept us satisfied week-by-week.  I always felt that TFTC
was what we WISHED a modern-day Twilight Zone would be, and what Tales From The Darkside mostly achieved (with a good amount of
speed bumps along the way).  While the series became a bit too goofy for my liking near the end of its run, the mark it left on the
horror TV genre (now being embodied by hit series like The Walking Dead, True Blood and Bates Motel) is undeniable.  Thankfully, the
folks over at Fright-Rags are fans as well, and beginning on Friday morning, June 27th, will be offering a special limited edition
set of t-shirts honoring the Tales From The Crypt lineage.  A cost of $115 will net you three limited edition shirts, two special
glow-in-the-dark logo tees, a sticker pack, poster and collector’s box.  This cool set is (again) limited to only 200, so getting
there Friday morning for the presale is essential.  Check it out! read more

Tomboys Review

By:  Sean McLaughlin

      What happens when a group of bossy chicks take the law into their own hands when the legal avenues of justice fail them?  The result is 2009’s Tomboys, directed by Australian Nathan Hill.  While the idea of vigilante justice in cinema is nothing new (see the Death Wish series, and to a much lesser extent Death Sentence and Law Abiding Citizen), Hill’s spin on the end result is certainly noteworthy.  And the fact that the cast of aggressors were all female, also, cannot be discounted.  At once original and engaging, Tomboys nonetheless does fall into some cliche dramatic devices and tends to drag a bit too much for its own good.    read more