Horror Bargain Hunter: What’s a Hakiri Sofubi and Why Do I Need One?

Hello again horror cheapskates…I mean financially conscious individuals. The bargain list starts with a new type of collectible (although it may not be new to you, as I think I am a little late to the party on this one) called a Hakiri Sofubi.  You may be asking yourself (as I did) what a Hakiri Sofubi is. Is it a new film by Takashi Miike?  A forgotten Kaiju from the Gamera franchise?  In reality, it is Funko’s latest line of collectibles.  While not nearly at the level of the Pop! juggernaut that dominates convention table space around the country, this new style of plastic figure (which roughly translates as “light soft vinyl’ figure and measures about 6” in height) which originated in Japan is making a slow climb up the Funko collector ladder.  And while it makes that slow climb, there are bargains to be had for the pricier collectibles.  Most retail in the $40 to $50 range, which varies based on the production size and popularity of the piece.   Hikari’s are released in different variants from the same original mold, with hand painted and air brushed color schemes and effects.   For horror fans, especially Universal Horror fans, two sculpts stand out: Frankenstein and the Creature from the Black Lagoon.  Each is available in a variety of styles, ranging from metallic to “mystic powers”.  One solid bet is the Metallic Frankenstein available from Gemini Collectibles for $29.99 (reduced from $43.00).  In terms on the Creature, the ole’ Gill-Man will run you $34.99 (hey, seafood is expensive these days) for the Creature Apocalypse version.  Check ebay for more deals on these figures, as the varieties fluctuate in terms of price and availability. read more

Horror Bargain Hunter: Funko Made an Exorcist Pop?!?

Greeting fellow bargain seekers!!  Today we have a variety of items for all tastes and interests from the world of horror and Halloween!

-Funko Pop Vinyl figures and bobble heads are all the rage these days.  Attend any comic convention and you’ll see more Pops for sale than guys in Deadpool costumes.  Funko produces such a wide variety of these figures that sometimes you’ll be surprised at how deep the catalog goes.  How deep you may ask?  How about as  deep as a Possessed Regan from the Exorcist vinyl figure.  This is one of the many you can find on sale from Gamestop for $5 each.  Even better, if you spend over $25, you can score free shipping with the code “Saver”  Other Pops of interest to horror fans: read more