SyFy Orders Two More Seasons of Channel Zero

by Nick Banks

As reported today by Variety, the SyFy Network has ordered two more seasons of their horror anthology series Channel Zero. This renewal brings the series up to a fourth season, as the initial order called for two seasons of the Creepy Pasta inspired program.

Syfy president Chris McCumber told Variety that, “We look forward to creeping everyone out again this fall with ‘No-End House,’ and can’t wait to see what nightmares Nick has in store for the future.”

The first season entitled “Candle Cove” ran for six episodes and delivered strong ratings by SyFy Network standards, pulling in a little better than 1/2 a million viewers on average.

Next season’s “No-End House” (not to be confused with American Horror Story’s “Murder House”) looks to exploit haunted house motifs and will premier in October of 2017 just in time for the Halloween season.

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