Syfy Bringing Back Rod Serling’s ‘Night Gallery’

by Larry Dwyer

When you bring up the name Rod Serling, most people immediately think The Twilight Zone. And rightfully so; The Twilight Zone ran from 1959-1964 and included many classic stories featuring many famous actors of the time, the show is consistently listed among the top television shows of all-time and still gets shown (usually in marathon form) quite often.

After The Twilight Zone ended in 1964, Rod Serling kept busy with several film and television projects before returning to a similar platform called Night Gallery in 1969. White The Twilight Zone was considered more science fiction, Night Gallery had more of a supernatural/horror vibe. With the popularity of horror series’ these days, coupled with the fact that Jordan Peele will be rebooting The Twilight Zone (see that story here), it comes as no surprise that Deadline is reporting today that the Syfy channel will be jumping into the “Rod Serling” mix with a reboot of Night Gallery.

Jeff Davis from MTV’s Teen Wolf will executive produce along with David Janollari; the team worked together on the popular TV series Criminal Minds. While there is no word on casting or a possible release date yet, keep your eyes on Horror News Network as we will update the info as it comes available.

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