Syfy and Philips Hue Partner For ’12 Monkeys’ Light Show

by Lynn Sorel

Syfy is partnering with Philips to provide a light show for fans of Syfy’s ’12 Monkeys’. During the series premiere airing January 16, fans will be able to combine the Syfy Sync app with Philips Hue bulbs while they are watching the show to create an in-home light show. A “light track”, which takes audio cues from the show, displays light effects in the room that sync with the action on the screen. Syfy and Philips did a similar light show for ‘Shardnado 2′ viewers, who were able to sync Hue with the movie soundtrack. All 13 episodes of ’12 Monkeys’ will have custom light tracks for fans.

Source: Deadline

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