Swamp Thing Vol. 2 Family Tree TPB Review

by Rob Caprilozzi

Review by: Mike Peluso

Writer: Scott Snyder, Scott Tuft
Artist: Yanick Paquette, Marco Rudy and more.
Publisher: DC Comics
Release Date: April 10th, 2013

Synopsis: Doctor Alec Holland used to be dead. A lab accident killed the brilliant botanist and biochemist, but he was resurrected as the supernatural creature called Swamp Thing. Or so everyone thought. Now Holland wants to put his past-the Swamp Thing’s past-behind him. But the Green is not through with him yet. Its hour of darkness is upon it, as a new force threatens to rot away all life on earth. The green needs Holland to become the Swamp Thing, for real this time.

In SWAMP THING VOL. 2: FAMILY TREE, the Green has crowned the reborn Swamp Thing as their Warrior King. His first challenge as king of the Green will come in the form of the Rot, a force of decay and death that attempts to suck down earth-and his former girlfriend Abigail Arcane-into its decrepit clutches. As this ancient force threatens to consume everything Swamp Thing has sworn to protect, he and Abby discover an old foe at the forefront of this evil that will change them both forever.

Our Thoughts: Snyder continues to successfully reinvent the Swamp Thing mythos while at the same time keeping what originally made Alec Holland our favorite plant elemental. Long time fans of Swamp Thing will appreciate the justice Snyder gives to its 40+ year history. To me, Swamp Thing stories were always so much bigger than just another Sci-Fi/Horror comic strip. They always conveyed the importance of nature preservation and the ignorance of pollution. The struggles within them weren’t just another “Ho Hum tale of Hero vs. Villain, Good vs. Evil.” The message was more than that. It was Life vs. death, Growth vs. Rot. Snyder brings back that organically deep feel that has been missing from Swamp Thing titles for quite some time. The talent behind the artwork only enhances the experience you get from reading Swamp Thing VOL. 2. Paquette and Rudy present both natures beauty and natures beast in a primal, and at the same time intricate fashion. Their art married with Snyder’s writing is what has finally turned the Swamp Thing series from a withered and forgotten orchid into a giant cypress tree for all to see.

If you haven’t checked out Snyder’s work on the Swamp Thing series, don’t be a stick in the bayou! Get to your local shop and grab a copy of Swamp Thing VOL. 2 “Family Tree”. It won’t disappoint.

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