Supernatural Slasher ‘#FLOAT’ Slated For December Release

by Jayson Drury

Just a reminder that summer horror is never far away.

A new slasher with the offbeat title of #FLOAT will splash its way into theaters Dec. 8, courtesy of XYZ Films, according to a report on Deadline.

The horror pic–from writer/director Zac Locke (Black Christmas)–follows blogger Kali (Kate Mayhew) and her friends who take off on their annual river float– the first time since their friend overdosed and drowned a year earlier.

Things do not go swimmingly, however, as the party turns into a watery graveyard as an unknown force starts picking them off one-by-one as they struggle to survive, according to the brief synopsis.

The film–which premiered at the Nightmare Film Festival–also stars Scarlett Sperduto, Kaya Coleman, Grant Morningstar and Christina Nguyen.

James Emanuel Shapiro of XYZ Films praised Locke as “one of the few people who knows what makes horror work. I was thrilled the film came out as good as I expected.”

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