Super 7 Rolls Out Trio Of Figures From ‘The Munsters’

by Thomas Tuna

The Munsters–arguably the small screen’s most unusual and campy attempt to blend time-tested horror characters with humor–are being kept alive in a line of action figures from Super 7.

The Super 7 ReAction Figures line this week welcomed Herman, Lily and Grandpa Munster, according to, and you can see the heart and soul of the Munster clan in all their tiny glory on this page.

Each 3.75-inch articulated rendition of the spooky family–which will run you $18 a pop–comes on a vintage-style cardback. Herman carries his familiar over-sized lunchbox (on his way to the Gateman, Goodbury and Graves Funeral Home, no doubt), Lily wears her cape and carries a candlestick (it does get dark in that house) and Grandpa comes complete with his test tube and beaker (ready to whip up some mayhem in the basement).

The figures (described as the first wave in this line, so can Eddie and Marilyn be far behind?) are based on the iconic TV series that ran for 70 episodes (it just seems like more) from 1964-1966. The show, believe it or not, was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series in 1965. Scary thought.

And, speaking of the TV series, rumor has it–unconfirmed at this point in time–that Rob Zombie has plans to resurrect the show as a feature film for Universal Pictures. According to one report, production is scheduled to start in Budapest next month.

So, as they say, stay tuned, and keep reading Horror News Network for the latest on The Munsters.

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