‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Premiere Nets 15.8 Million Viewers

by John Evans

As ratings for The Walking Dead continue to plummetStranger Things’  second season shows that fans still crave horror programming on television. While Netflix is usually quite secretive about its viewership numbers, Nielsen has released “Live + 3 Day” viewership ratings for all episodes of the new season. According to The Wrap, the results are incredible!

15.8 million viewers watch the series premiere over last weekend. Almost 11 million of those viewers represented the highly-coveted 18-49 age demographic. Here are the viewership statistics for the rest of the season’s episodes during the first three days of availability:

  • “Chapter 2” averaged 13.7 million viewers
  • “Chapter 3” averaged 11.6 million viewers
  • “Chapter 4” averaged 9.3 million viewers
  • “Chapter 5” averaged 8 million viewers
  • “Chapter 6” averaged 6.4 million viewers
  • “Chapter 7” averaged 5.3 million viewers
  • “Chapter 8” averaged 4.9 million viewers
  • “Chapter 9” averaged 4.6 million viewers

While viewership usually drops after any first episode of a television season, these three day numbers aren’t quite fair considering the fact that all of the episodes became available at the same date and time. There’s only so much time in the day, and many fans simply didn’t have enough time to watch nine hours of television over the course of one weekend; so the later chapters will likely earn many more views in the coming days. Believe it or not, though, 361,000 people managed to watch the entire season on its first day of release! Talk about devotion!

Stranger Things 2‘s incredibly success spells a positive outlook for the series and stands as evidence that horror television is as popular as ever. Stay tuned to Horror News Network for more coverage of Stranger Things as it breaks!


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