‘Sting’ Puts New, Horrific Twist On Our Fear Of Spiders

by Thomas Tuna

A rolled-up newspaper is not gonna be enough this time.

Sting–a new horror flick that combines human actors with puppet effects–will start shooting later this year in Sydney, Australia, according to a report in Deadline.

Casting choices have not been announced at this time, but the puppet effects will be provided by Weta Workshop, a special effects and prop company that contributed to Peter Jackson’s King Kong and The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Cornerstone will unveil the film to buyers at Cannes.

The movie–from writer/director Kaih Roache-Turner (WyrmwoodRoad of the Dead)–follows Charlotte, a 12-year-old who is obsessed with comic books and who “discovers a strange little spider after it falls from the sky, encased in an egg,” according to the synopsis.

Despite her stepfather’s best efforts to connect with her, Charlotte “feels isolated and bonds with the spider, keeping it as a pet and naming it Sting.” Of course she does.

But, as one might expect, the spider grows larger and “its appetite for blood becomes insatiable as neighbors’ pets go missing. When her family becomes trapped (and are hunted) by the hungry spider, Charlotte is the only one who knows how to stop it.”

Cornerstone said in a statement that the film is “hugely entertaining” and “delivers multiple thrills and twists in an extremely audience-friendly way.”

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