Stephen King’s ‘Holly’ Features ‘Mr. Mercedes’ Character

by Thomas Tuna

The horror master has churned out another soon-to-be bestseller.

Stephen King this week took to The Kingcast podcast and–to the surprise of no one–announced he has written another novel. This latest effort–Holly–places the spotlight on a character who has already appeared in his MrMercedes novels, The Outsider and If It Bleeds, according to a report on

The character of Holly Gibney is described as the younger cousin of Janey and Olivia Gibney, who “suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and who is somewhere on the autism spectrum. Despite this, she’s very observant, refreshingly unfiltered and unaware of her innocence.”

King spoke fondly of Holly on the podcast, saying he “could never let Holly Gibney go from the MrMercedes books. She was supposed to be a walk-on character, and she kind of stole the book and stole my heart. So, I just finished a novel that’s called Holly, and it’s all her.”

In the TV adaptation of MrMercedes, Holly was played by Justine Lupe; on HBO’s The Outsider series, the character was portrayed by Cynthia Erivo.

No release date has been announced for Holly (but fans can, no doubt, look for it soon), so keep reading Horror News Network for the latest from the extraordinary imagination of Stephen King.


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