Stephen King’s ‘Elevation’ to get Film Adaptation

by Mark McCurley

If there’s one man that created a shared universe more intricate than Marvel, it is Stephen King whose 2018 novella Elevation will be adapted into a Hollywood film, according to CinemaBlend.

Whereas many of King’s novels tie into the fictional town of Derry, Maine, Elevation takes place in Castle Rock, another city of his created topography.

Elevation is being written by Jack Bender, who has worked previously on King’s adaptations of Under The Dome, Mr. Mercedes and The Outsider.

The story is set in Castle Rock, ME, where Scott Carey faces a mysterious ailment which causes peculiar effects on his body and causes him to lose weight at a rapid rate. However, he appears healthy on the outside to everyone else. While combating this disease with his trusted doctor, he also tries helping in a dire situation for a couple who want to open a restaurant surrounded by a disapproving public.

Although production details have yet to be announced, the creative wheels are turning with some very talented folks involved.

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