Stephen King’s Bag of Bones Prequel Site

A&E Network has launched an online narrative prequel, “Dark Score Stories,” to Stephen King’s Bag of Bones a four-hour miniseries based on The New York Times #1 bestselling novel. is a visual and interactive exploration of the setting and characters of “Bag of Bones” through a series of eerie, animated images, black-and-white still photographs and audio interviews. In “Dark Score Stories,” characters from the upcoming miniseries (including those played by stars Pierce Brosnan, Annabeth Gish and Melissa George) come to life in seven striking, photojournalistic portraits and oral histories. Each vignette will provide a glimpse into every day life at Dark Score Lake, the setting for “Bag of Bones”, and is introduced with an animated still. Visitors to the site will find a series of secrets hidden in the rich detail of each image, recognizable especially to Stephen King fans. Part one of Stephen King’s Bag of Bones airs on December 11.

Check out the Stephen King\’s Bag of Bones Prequel Site.

Stephen King\'s Bag of Bones Prequel Site
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