Stephen King and J.J. Abrams to Develop Castle Rock Limited Series for Hulu

by John Evans

It all started with an ominous tweet late last night on J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Twitter account. Abrams used his famous “handwritten note” tweet style to offer up the riddle, “What is the hoax in the forest?”

The Youtube link leads to an official teaser trailer for Stephen King’s and J.J. Abrams’ newest collaboration, Castle Rock, a limited series on Hulu based on the infamous fictional Maine location featured in many of King’s works. King fans will instantly recognize the setting from such favorites as Needful Things, Cujo, and The Dead Zone. Other famous works like Creepshow, Pet Sematary, It, The Stand, and Doctor Sleep also refer to this classic setting. The teaser trailer refers to characters featured in a variety of these works, such as Pennywise the clown and Danny Torrance. You can watch the full trailer below:

Castle Rock will mark King’s and Abrams’ second collaboration for Hulu. Their previous work was last year’s 11/22/63, starring James Franco.

Stay Tuned to Horror News Network for more information on this exciting project as it breaks!

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