Stephen King Builds Off ‘Cujo’ For His Latest Horror Novella

by Thomas Tuna

Ready for another doggone great scary tale from Stephen King?

The horror master supreme recently said he just finished a new novella–Rattlesnakes–and it’s somehow a sequel to his 1981 classic novel Cujo, according to a report on

The bestselling author said in an interview that he “just wrote a long story called Rattlesnakes, and it’s actually a sequel to Cujo. It involves–in one part–twins who are fours years old falling into a rattlesnake pit. And the snakes get ’em, basically. It’s a terrible scene.”

King expounded on the reason behind such a scene, saying “it’s all supposed to be organic to the story. It’s supposed to serve the story. It’s the nature of the story itself.”

King did not elaborate further on the scene–or on the rest of the novella–so it’s unclear how this serves as a sequel to Cujo, which the author called “an ugly book in a lot of ways.”

King’s Constant Readers will know that Cujo–which was adapted to the big screen in 1983–dealt with a 200-pound St. Bernard owned by the Camber family in Castle Rock. Once a playful and friendly pet, Cujo contracts rabies from a rat bite and becomes a vicious killer that attacks anyone who comes near him.

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