‘Stairs’ Now Available on STEAM – Trailer Inside

by Rob Caprilozzi

Digital Tribe Games invites you to take a trip through Greylight Entertainment’s new psychological horror game, STAIRS. STAIRS will launch on Steam and other digital distribution channels with a limited time 25% discount off of its SRP of $12.99.


STAIRS is a first-person atmospheric horror game that takes players through the stories of three missing people as seen through the eyes of journalist Christopher Adams. Prepare yourself for the dark decent into pure madness as you unravel the unsettling tales that will haunt you long after the game is done.


STAIRS is inspired by real-life events, twisted into an original tale of terror, despair and sadness. Using a camera and journal, players set out to unravel the grizzly mysteries behind three stories – Valerie Berkley, a high school graduate; James Reed, a young businessman; and Jean Jowars Remens, a charismatic pastor. What happened to them? What do they have to do with each other? Creep down the stairs and discover the disturbing truth for yourself.


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