Staff Predictions of Who Will Fall in the Season Finale of The Walking Dead

By Brian Gray
Staff picks are from members who read The Walking Dead comic series.


Fans of “The Walking Dead” comic know that bad things are a-comin’. Real bad things. Based on reports that are coming in from the set, it sounds like the season finale may see the end of a major character…

In the comic, the group is captured by the Saviors and Negan takes his wire-wrapped baseball bat, affectionately named Lucille, to the head of Glen while the others are forced to look on. It is a part of the comic that everyone remembers reading, and many people remember how they felt while reading it. It was so shocking, so dreadful, that many of us had to put it down and walk away from it for awhile. We are now coming up to that timeline in the comic on the TV show. All season, we have seen the producers toy with Glen. Is he dead? No, he’s perfectly safe and under the dumpster. Is he going to be killed by the horde? Nope, he was miraculously saved at the last second. Now he’s looking at photos of people with their heads bashed in. So we here at Horror News Network are wondering, did they save Glen to let Negan kill him, or will Lucille claim another cast member? We sound off on our predictions and reasoning below.

Brian Gray – Maggie. Maggie ain’t gonna make it. Her pregnancy provides too much hope for a new and better world. That is a situation that just doesn’t bode well on this show and never goes unpunished. And because Judith was spared the fate of dying with Lori, the producers just aren’t going to let that happen again. Maggie will get her pretty head brutally bashed in, Glen will be forced to watch, and everyone will cry hysterically (including us viewers).

Stephanie Shamblin Gray – Daryl. Daryl is possibly the most beloved of The Walking Dead characters. Just think of all the “If they kill Daryl, we riot!” signs and shirts you’ve seen. The murder by Negan is intended to be a big event and killing a fan-favorite character of the order of magnitude of Daryl will produce shock-waves. Daryl has also had run-ins with Saviors this season that may not bode well for him. And we all know how Kirkman and the producers like to keep us on our toes by switching it up between the comic and the TV show. I don’t want Daryl to die, but I will have my riot gear handy while watching the season finale, just in case.

Christine Caprilozzi – Abraham or Daryl.  To sustain credibility with The Walking Dead’s core horror audience, as well to make Negan’s intro as dramatic as the comic, Daryl very well could be the one to meet “Lucille.”  We saw a nod to the comic with Glenn’s fake death early in the season. Daryl Dixon does not exist in the comic and would not affect any plotline.  Norman Reedus is also starting to appear in films (Triple 9), as well as a new TV series.  However, is AMC willing to risk the wrath of fans…and even worse hordes of fangirls from all age groups?  Over the past few years that has become most of the mainstream audience.  Will they lose viewership?  Because of this conundrum, I also keep Abraham in the mix.  Abraham was also at the scene when some of the Saviors were blown up.  We have also seen a little bit more focus on him in the series as of late.  Is this so people actually feel a connection and are upset if he meets his ending? As great a Michael Cudlitz is, no one has ever threatened to riot or stop watching if Abraham dies.  So, does AMC go all in and bring the world to its knees by killing off Daryl making for one of the most amazing season finales on TV ever? Or do they think with their viewership and advertising dollars in mind and have the world feel sad for three minutes that Abraham and his zany one liners are no longer?  I’ll be watching to see.

Nick Banks – My money is on Glen.  This half of the season has been very close to the scripting of the comic and it would be doubly tragic to have Glen die after his “miracle save” earlier in the season.  The death scene in the comic is brutal and others could take his place and have a similar tragic effect, but the safety that people feel towards Glen avoiding his “comic book death” may act as an added shock.  If he is killed by Negan, it will cause fans that were so relieved to see him alive to feel even worse (and deep down, WD fans like this, even if they won’t admit it).   I can see Glen offering to take Maggie’s place to save his unborn child and the love of his life.   The whole martyr angle works best for Glen (as long as Morgan doesn’t show up to take Glen’s place…)  Either way, be prepared for a range of emotions from fans on Monday morning.

Rob Caprilozzi – Who’s going to meet Lucille? With a newborn on the way it could break a lot of hearts if Negan does in fact pummel Glen. If the writers of the show really want to pole vault Negan into The Governor status, then Daryl is gone. But, would they actually let their cash cow Daryl die? The current problem the series faces is that the protagonists are too strong. We have seen them get away from many situations which we thought impossible. That ends here. I am going to say that the one to die is…Abraham.

Sean McLaughlin – Throughout Season 6, the TWD writers have been toying with the viewers…we know Negan is about to make his presence known (and we all know how he accomplishes this); however, who the unlucky Alexandrian will be is the million-dollar question.  Lucille is itchin’ for some action, and as the comics show us…..she is never denied.  Gimple and Hurd seemed to be following the comic storyline more closely this season than in previous years, so does that mean bad news for the TV versions of Glenn and Abraham?  While I’m sure they appreciate how Robert Kirkman chose to introduce the world to the foul-mouthed Negan, offing those guys would be too easy.  They need to really go for the jugular (and the heartstrings).  At varying points this season, fatal foreshadowing has showcased Daryl, Glen (and his multiple escapes from certain-death), Gabriel, Abraham, Sasha and Heath.  But my pick for who meets the business end of the barbed-wire bat?  Maggie.

Gimple and Hurd missed a huge opportunity in Season 3 when killing off Lori.  In the comics, Lori and Judith were both murdered by the Governor’s men when they stormed the prison.  But on the show, only Lori met that fate.  With Maggie’s current situation, this is a chance for a do-over…as morbid as that sounds.  But hey, as we’ve seen this season…morbid is what they’re going for.  Our heroes are now cold-blooded killers.  This will turn the coming war up to 11, and unfortunately Lucille will net two birds with one stone.  Glenn will be forced to watch, much like Maggie had to in Kirkman’s version.

Larry Dwyer – Personally, I’m a big softy and I don’t want any of them to die. As a matter of fact, I’m still reeling over the loss of Hershel who became my favorite character in the “Nebraska” episode. That said, if they want to introduce Negan properly, they’ll need him to come in swinging (see what I did there?). So…I’m going to go rogue here and say that we’re going to lose more than one major player in the finale. My guess is that we lose Daryl and Glen. Stay gory.

Fans, what do you think? There are still a lot of major characters not predicted. Could it be Carol or Michonne? Let us know who you think it will be. We will all find out on April 3.

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