Spread #4 Review

by Rob Caprilozzi

By Anna Greenberg

Spread #4

Writer: Justin Jordan
Artist: Kyle Strahm
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: November 5th, 2014
Rating: 10 out of 10

Synopsis: Ravello and his raiders on one side, Church of the Risen God on the other, with No, Hope, and Molly in the middle. This probably won’t end well.

Our Thoughts: I have a tendency to read comics very late at night, and this issue of the Spread made me hide under the covers. Justin Jordan moves things along at a breakneck speed (not that broken necks would stop any of these monstrosities), combining action with plot in a wonderful, horrific hybrid. I can’t think of any explanation for the how masterful the storytelling is except that Jordan must have John Carpenter locked in his basement. The last page left me howling and gibbering for more.

Kyle Strahm’s artwork is gorgeous and ghastly. It’s rare to find truly scary creatures in comic books, but Strahm more than compensates with his twisted monstrosities. Both motion and expression are very clear, creating the dynamic feel that drives this book. Panel layouts are used to instill feelings of claustrophobia or show points of view in a way that doesn’t feel at all cluttered or forced. Rich backgrounds keep the story anchored. There’s also a selection of pinups by a variety of artists in the back of the book in case you haven’t had enough mind numbing horror.

If you’re not reading this book you’re really missing out. It channels all the best apocalyptic and monster horror of the last thirty years without feeling dated or cliched. As an added bonus if you have trouble staying awake, this book will guarantee at least one sleepless night!

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