‘Spooked’ Podcast: The Horror News Network Review

by John Evans

You might be lulled into a relaxed state of mind when the beat of its opening song comes on, but trust me – you will be wide-eyed and on high alert when listening to some of the frightening stories told on Spooked, a new podcast from Snap Judgement and WNYC Studios.

I’ve always loved a good ghost story, especially during the cool fall weather. It just makes stepping into the warmth of my house, and my bed when I go to sleep all the more pleasant and comforting (especially when compared to the experiences of the people featured on this podcast).

The voices telling the stories come from both men and women, some from the U.S. while others hail from Ireland, England, and France – among other locations.

While not every story is terrifying, every story is at the very least interesting, and I finished each one, wanting to see how each story turned out.

The one story that made me realize that the best time to listen to these stories was NOT when I was in bed ready to go to sleep was, “A Friend in the Forest,” a tale about a young boy who would run away to play with his buddy from the woods. It was very creepy and I was hanging on to every word. I had a hard time sleeping that night.

Then there is a tale about a woman who received some much-needed guidance out of a sticky situation, and she got it. She just couldn’t see where the voice was coming from.

The podcast (which is free) premiered in September, with new stories being uploaded every week.  Check out a story or two for the Halloween season.

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