‘Spawn’ Reboot Update Coming At New York Comic Con In October

by Thomas Tuna

Will the Spawn tease finally end in a few months?

All the fans who have hungered for the much-anticipated (and delayed and discussed) Spawn remake can now look forward to the New York Comic Con in October for some satisfaction, according to a report on Screen Rant.

Todd McFarlane himself–creator of the popular anti-hero–told Screen Rant that he’s decided to “do it i(give an update) at the New York Comic Con. Are we moving? Are we adding pieces? All of the above, yes.”

The comic book luminary added that “the best I can say right now is that it got slowed down during the pandemic, and then picked back up. Especially given that–for a while–the only movies people were doing during the pandemic were super-hero movies.”

But, McFarlane said, “at New York Comic Con, there is going to be a big announcement.” So, mark those calendars. The Big Apple convention takes place from Oct. 6-9 this year. Happy Halloween.

Spawn, of course, was brought to life on the big screen by Michael Jai White back in 1997, and interest was high enough to “spawn” an HBO animated series and give hope for a live-action remake. But that hope has been fading the last several years.

The most recent news on this remake had McFarlane as director and producer, with Brian Tucker on board as screenwriter. Jason Blum is producing the film, with Carla Hacken serving as executive producer. Are all those pieces still in place? Stay tuned.

The cast is another story altogether. Jamie Foxx had been set to headline the feature, with Jeremy Renner (of Hawkeye fame) playing Det. Twitch Williams. But, with so much water under the bridge since then, it’s anyone’s guess if they’re still available or even interested. Again, wait for the New York Comic Con.

The original Spawn–based on McFarlane’s Image Comics series and directed by Mark A.Z. Dippe from a screenplay by Alan B. McElroy–stars White as Al Simmons (aka Spawn). In the comics, Spawn–the murdered Lt. Col. Simmons–was resurrected as the reluctant leader of Hell’s legions.

Keep reading Horror News Network for all updates on this Spawn remake.


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