Spawn #231 preview

by Rob Caprilozzi

Image Comics has provided us a synopsis of the new Spawn comic.

"Complex Messiah," Part Three. Who Is In Control? The Man? Or the Monster?

"Complex Messiah" is an epic new story arc, serving as a jumping on point for new readers, as well as the next phase in Spawn's evolution. As the worldwide fervor around Jim Downing's miraculous gifts continues to grow, the darkness that lives within him begins to threaten his newfound fame.

Meanwhile, a small group of online friends gain insight into their understanding of the Hellspawn, slowly piecing together a dangerous new theory about the world's newest "messiah."

And, somewhere in the shadows, an old enemy lurks.

Also featured: Detective Craig Rowand came to New York looking for clues. That journey brought him face-to-face with evil in the form of the demonic temptress, Hel. Haunted by the encounter, a good man's steady spiral into madness begins here.

32 pages
May 1

Written by Todd McFarlane
Art by Szymon Kudransk
Cover by Todd McFarlane

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