Soska Sisters Present Music Videos for Women in Horror Month’s Blood Donation Awareness

by Larry Dwyer

As you all know, February is Women in Horror Month! Well the fantastic Soska Sisters sent out a press release today and as usual, they’ve knocked it out of the park. Check it out:

Hey there and happy Valentine’s Day! We wanted to make sure that yours doesn’t suck by releasing a special treat just for you…. and the millions out there that desperately need you to donate blood.

This is Women In Horror Month’s 8th annual celebration. We like to do a little something different and give back in the vein (pun totally intended) of our favorite femme fatales and final girls. We want you to be brave. And bleed for us. Most of us will need blood in our lifetimes and, if not, someone close to us definitely will. There is no substitute for blood. We need you.

Every year we release a public service announcement for Blood Services and American Red Cross in the most unofficial of ways. We may have gone a bit too far with the content in the past (and present), but we know they secretly love it. We bring together a team of talented filmmakers and artists from across the globe to participate and their videos blow us away. This year is no different.

This year we challenged our artists to come up with music videos to our Blood Anthem this year by Kevvy of Fake Shark. The results were NSFW, hilarious, deranged, sexy, and all around awesome. On February 1st we released our collective and sneak preview of what’s to come, but today, it’s time for a full assault.

Some viewer discretion is advised, but I say live it up. It’s Valentine’s Day.

Here are the FULL VIDEOS from our 2017 lineup of feminists and artists. Some folks will be throwing their videos up on their own sites, channels, etc, at some point today, but here is a taste to get started….

“We Need It” by Maude Michaud (60 Seconds 2 Die, Dys-):

“Faffing Can Be Fatal” by Nicholas Vince (Hellraiser, The Night Whispered):

“Sippin’ on Some Syrup!” by Jill Sixx Gevargizian (The Stylist):

“We Need It” by Aleah Anseth (Being Little Miss Risk):

“Brent Ray Fraser – The Penis Painter” available at (NSFW)

More artists will be releasing them soon throughout the month! Stay tuned and get bleeding!

Happy Valentine’s Day from The Soska Sisters!


Jen and Sylv

Twisted Twins Productions


Stay gory my friends.

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