Sony To Adapt ‘Faust’ Comic Book As Animated Series

by Thomas Tuna

A horror/super-hero comic book from the 1980s will be given fresh animated life by Sony Pictures Television.

Faust–a series that began back in 1987 and helped to popularize the notion that “comics aren’t just for kids”–will be developed by Sony as an animated TV series, as reported by Deadline.

The comic book series–from writer David Quinn and artist Tim Vigil–will be adapted for the small screen by Matteo Pizzolo, the filmmaker behind the Godkiller series of graphic novels and illustrated films.

Faust–originally published by Rebel Studios–follows John Jaspers, described as a “tortured vigilante who sells his soul for super powers and then must rise against Mephistopheles to rescue his lover, Dr. Jade DeCamp, and win back his soul.” To aid in this fight, Faust is known to employ retractable forearm talons to dispatch his enemies–with extreme prejudice.

The series–known for its graphic violence and sexual situations–ran irregularly, with its last two issues (No. 14 and 15) published in 2012–25 years after the premiere issue.

Quinn–who also has written Ghost RiderDrStrange and Vampirella–and Vigil–nominated some years ago for a Bram Stoker Award for Best Illustrated Narrative–will act as consulting producers on the series.

This won’t be the first time the Faust comic book has been adapted for the screen. In 2000, it was the basis of the Spanish-English language film FaustLove of the Damned, with Brian Yuzna in the director’s chair.

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