Sneak Peek At ‘Halloween Ends’ Revealed At CinemaCon

by Thomas Tuna

This one looks to be a fight to the finish.

Scream Queen Jamie Lee Curtis addressed this week’s CinemaCon and shared a very small slice of this October’s Halloween Ends, presumably the final chapter in the iconic horror franchise.

Some film footage was shown to the audience, according to a report on, and one scene in particular was brutal and graphic. As Curtis put it, “Mama’s tired. This Halloween, we will experience Laurie’s last stand.” And that last stand starts in theaters Oct. 14.

As explained, the footage began with classic shots from John Carpenter’s original Halloween, followed by a murder montage that showed Michael Myers’ victims on Halloween nights 1978 and 2018.

Then, in new footage, Laurie Strode breathes heavily while hiding in a closet. Myers stalks the kitchen, holding his signature knife. Suddenly, Laurie lunges at Myers, slashing him.

Myers retaliates by grabbing Laurie’s hair and slamming her face-first into a glass cabinet. But Laurie grabs the knife and stabs Myers’ hand. The trailer ends with Myers on a table and Laurie looming over him, holding the knife. To be continued…

Curtis, addressing the audience, called the entire Halloween experience “the ride of my life. I had no idea when I was cowering in the closet 45 years ago that this character would become the most important relationship of my entire career and professional life.”

The actor added that she is so grateful “because Laurie Strode is the OG Final Girl. She’s the one that term apparently was created for. The one that won’t be stopped, won’t be killed and will face the monsters when others run.”

Then, commenting on the horror genre as a whole, Curtis said “it lets us confront something we can’t control. It allows us to scream and fight. Horror matters…but, sadly, all things must come to an end.”

Halloween Ends–directed by David Gordon Green from a screenplay he wrote with Danny McBride, Paul Brad Logan and Chris Bernier–stars Curtis, Andi Matichak, Kyle Richards, James Jude Courtney (with a cameo by Nick Castle) and newcomer Michael O’Leary.

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